Baby Care Tips For Your Newborn Baby

Before I was a mom I had never changed a diaper or had even held
a newborn baby in my life. I never really was the babysitting
type. I had no clue what I was doing, I needed some major help.
So now that I am a mom I would like to share some things that I
have learned that I didn’t know but wished someone would have
told me. Of course the nurses in the hospital showed me what to
do, but I always wished I could have been more prepared. So here
are some baby care tips, to care for your newborn baby.

-A bath two to three times a week is all the baby needs until
he/she can crawl around and get dirty. Of course you will want
to give sponge baths after meals and after diaper changes to
keep the baby clean. Giving baby baths to often can result in
dry irritated skin.

-Don’t ever leave baby alone in the bath for even a second, be
in arms reach of baby at all times. Make sure you have
everything you need with you when you are giving baby a bath so
you don’t need to leave for any reason, the phone, a towel,
shampoo are just a few items that you definitely will need when
giving baby a bath.

-The best way to avoid diaper rash and irritation is to change
the diaper before or after every feeding and as soon as possible
after each bowel movement. Sitting in a dirty diaper for even a
little while causes irritation. Use a diaper rash ointment
after every diaper change to avoid diaper rash.

-Diapers need to fit snugly as to avoid leaks but not so tight
that the diapers can cause skin irritation around the thighs and
stomach areas.

-On boys aim the penis downward as the diaper is being put on.
This minimizes leaks and wet pajamas and undershirts.

-Some babies love to be swaddled others hate it. If your baby
hates to be swaddled let his/her arms out and you can still
comfort your little one but he/she can feel less restricted.

-When picking baby up lift gently, slowly and close to your body
this makes baby feel more secure. Always make sure your arm or
hand is supporting baby’s neck.

-Don’t use cotton swabs to clean out babies ears. Use wash
clothes to clean in and around babies’ ear.

-Shampooing your babies hair only needs to be done two or three
times a week. Unless there is a problem with cradle cap that
requires you to shampoo more. Always put cotton or cover your
babies’ ears with your hands as to minimize the amount of water
that gets in his/her little ears. This can cause ear infections.


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