Who is Taking Care of Your Baby

Things have changed quite a bit since the days when it wasn’t uncommon that a baby or its mother died during the birthing process. These days, mothers are able to take home their babies within hours of having given birth. Still, though, there are complications associated with giving birth to a child. 75 percent of cerebral palsy cases develop within those first crucial days of the baby’s life.

More and more, hospitals are using neonatal nurses to care of newborns. After the baby is born, these people are responsible for the health and care of your new addition to the family. They specialize in the area of taking care of newborns.

There are three different level of specialization in neonatal nursing. Level 1 nurses are responsible for the care of healthy newborn babies. The need for this particular kind of expertise is reducing due to improvements in techniques and technology. Healthy babies can now go home much sooner and are no longer kept separate from the mother in most hospitals.

Level 2 nurses specialize in caring for ill or prematurely born babies. Their responsibility includes making sure these babies get the medicines they need at the times that they need them. They are trained on the best methods for administering these medicines. Since each case is unique, the nurse must understand each baby and the best way to help that baby overcome his or her sickness.

Level 3 nurses are the highest trained nurses and the most in need. They take care of the babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Some babies are in such dire need of attention that these nurses need attention every hour or half hour to make sure that there are no complications. Not only are the nurses in charge of the baby’s healthcare, but they are also in charge of making sure that the machines keeping the baby alive are fully functional. The machines usually take readings from the baby’s vital signs, and these help the nurse understand what is needed for the baby’s healthcare.

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